ICAD and 365 collages combined

Here are some double duty pieces:

ICAD #36, 365 collages #188 - Successful Woman;  yellow drywall tape, envelope, music, tissue, text from Specimen Type & Catalog book.

ICAD #37, 365 collages #189 - Poem;   gifted papers, wallpaper, text from Specimen Type book.

ICAD #38, 365 collages #190 - Neutral Song -  papers from my desk, text from Specimen Type book. This one is very textural which doesn't show as well from the scan.

ICAD #39, 365 collages #191 - Tracks to Everywhere

Now I have some mail art to respond to!


  1. Mmm, I like 189 and 190 a lot. You've been doing a great job at keeping up with this - I'm impressed! I didn't start it this year cause I knew I had too much going on but I may still do a few with yours as inspiration.

  2. ooh, I really love "poem" with it's hint of blue (from a gelli print?)

  3. Once again my two favourites are total opposites. I love the neutrals and textures of #190 but also the fabulous colours of #191. You're good!!! xx


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