icad 40-45

Time to catch you up on my ICAD work AND my gelli play.  I printed lots of bits on a stack of cards and picked some of the best as starts to ICAD but then embellished them a bit more with stamps and washi.

#40 - cardboard for stripes, my body shape stamp

#41  - some shapes masked then overprinted (unsuccessfully) w/ washi

#42  - love this new stencil of a moroccan tile pattern, stamping, washi

#43  - used the 'O' from a kids foam alphabet to make the smooshy basketweave circles, washi

#44  -  stencil then overstamped in teal with a flourish stencil that didn't show up very well

#45  -  shadow print from above, washi, stamping
Only a couple weeks of ICAD left - it's been rewarding and motivating again this year. I have to give Tammy huge props for hosting and inspiring us all to keep going.  I'm also linking this to Carolyn's gelli party!


  1. I have a Gelli plate!!!!...but no time to play. I can hardly wait.

  2. love the effect you got with that letter O

  3. Wow Terri, I've had school holidays here so didn't get to see many blogs. I just sat and went through heaps of your posts and they are fabulous. I love the colours and the gelli plate sounds interesting.
    Really fabulous.

  4. Oh, these are gorgeous! I've been playing with printing, too, but haven't come up with anything as nice as these.
    I've also just been catching up on your recent posts. So much wonderful creativity!

  5. these are all fabulous but my favourite is 42. I love the moroccan stamp and the text

  6. Another great collection! I LOVE the texture and colours of 43. Heck, I love the colours of all three of the last ones! xx


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