look at my smile!

(yep it's me, happy even then :)
I opened my mailbox and what did I spy?  Six (6) most fabulous postcards from the non-paper MMSA swap and another gorgeous piece from Honi.  This is THE BEST!  I love mail art and I love Karen for hosting all these great swaps.  I hope a few more of you that read this will join in - it's easy and fun and no pressure art - just make something pretty or interesting or funny and join in.  Really, your mailbox will thank you.

Here's what was in my box today:
 All drawn, colored and shaped from foil!  from Carroll D.

Collaged on a CD from Ciara N.

My scan didn't do this one justice - its shimmery sparkly threads on a hunk of wood! from Ellen MB.

Painted on a record!  from Gina V.

A piece of a thrifted silk shirt embellished with threads and stitching!  from Leslie S.

A stitched plastic pouch w/ threads inside from Mandy F.

A very cool collage in yellows (plus she sent me a magazine article about creating with found objects from Honi.

If you want to get your toes wet with mail art, MMSA is the way to go - Karen comes up with great themes, you mail one (or as many as you want) card to her, she gathers them all together and sends them back out....you receive as many as you sent.  Easy, peasy. She keeps a running list of open swaps in a tab at the top - hope you'll join in.  Look at the cool stuff you'll get..... :)


  1. Oh darn - I was hoping that very cool tree would appear in my mailbox. Is it as neat in person as it looks? That was a fun swap altho I haven't checked my mail for a few days so have no idea what I received. The CD was a good idea and I like the plastic pouch filled with things too.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Happy happy joy coming from that mailbox. xox

  3. No wonder you're smiling! That is some really terrific mail art. Lucky you!!

  4. so glad everything arrived safely! good old USPS. Love that picture of you!

  5. I adore that picture of you! I was a smiley one too. That was even my nickname for a while! You received some wonderful postcards. I loved seeing what people came up with for this swap. Some really ingenious and beautiful work.


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