gelli play

Inspired by Linda Germain and her use of masks and shapes, I puled a few prints tonight to see if I could plant the technique in my brain.  She uses lots of animal/people silhouettes and I didn't take the time to make any of those (but I will).  Instead I went out and pulled a leafy branch from the garden and experimented with that.  Got pretty light impressions, but kinda cool.

Then, I found this plastic sheet thing in my stash that I think is meant to texture foil etc.but makes great gelli impressions.  Then I overprinted the grid with random cutout shapes for a mask.

I made my stripey stamp with cut out shapes glued on to an old hairspray bottle then just rolled it through the paint.

I will be using plant masks more - just need to dial in how much paint to put on, etc.  If you're not familiar with Linda's site, it's worth a visit - lots of videos etc showing her techniques.  I'm linking this up to Carolyn's Gelli party......


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I love your third one with the hairspray bottle stamp. Great design and colours! I've found the ghost prints are always better with nature stuff - the details in them are almost photographic.
    Stay inspired!

  2. really enJOYed another catch-up with you, Terrie, and thanls for the link to Linda Germain.
    I did Carla Sonheim's Gelli Print class online in May and it was wonderfully inspiring. I like what I have seen on Linda's site and always enJOY having people "come into the Wee Cottage" and share their art making fun with me!!
    thanks too for the fun postie card in my mailbox this morning. made me smile!!

  3. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Nice mark making, she does fab work and her monoprints are quite amazing....keep it up. xox

  4. the hairspray bottle stamp is such a good idea! what are the shapes made out of?

  5. Your leaves give such a great impression here- can't wait to see more of them! So glad you shared all these great prints with the party!

  6. You're having such fun with that gelli plate and it shows. love the organic shapes of the first print. xx


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