365 in 2013: #168 - 174

A week or two ago I mentioned that I would have to figure out a way to combine my collage efforts with the outdoors now that it's summer.  My brainstorm to get me outside to enjoy the brief quasi-sunny afternoon was to make temporary collages using my various found stuff from beachcombing, walks in the park, etc.

#168 - one more mail art  (one of my rediscovered treasures, an old multiplication flashcard from Karen)

#169 - The Grass is Greener  - it was challenging using the grass as a base...it's not very rigid and my well balanced pieces kept moving.....sticks, bark, rocks, a spotted leaf and 2 pink roses

#170 - Outside the Box   - sticks, rocks, shells, 3 rusty bits....and some grass

#171 - Living in Nature   to compensate for the wiggly grass, I tried using a piece of veneer for support - it's a natural product, right?  Those cool red leaves form the boundaries then it's moss, rocks, shells and barnacles, feathers

#172 - Sticks and a Rose

#173 - Leaf Stripes   - I moved to the deck for a bit more steadiness and also thought the wood peeking through might be interesting.  I have a huge broad leaf red stripey plant that needed a bit of a trim.  I thought it made an interesting pattern.

#174 -  Deck Work   - red plant leaf, sticks, rusty bits, rocks and shells - on the deck

This was totally fun.  I had stuff everywhere while I played with what went together, what could be used to make a line or add color. Here's a couple of close ups and process photos.

Yay - I'm still on track.....  
Also linked to Show and Tell Saturday over at Artists in Blogland. I usually forget to link over there but there are lots of lovely ladies who DO remember and share their art. Worth a visit.


  1. The outdoor collages are great! What a cool idea. The stripey rocks are very arty, and I like the ones with the rusty bits. Good thinking.

    Love the mail art too, especially the corrugated cardboard pieces. I feel another batch of postcards coming on...

  2. Awe Terrie, these are beautiful. You can't beat nature and your compositions truly do justice to it.
    Huge hugs x

  3. Clever you... I like the Leak Stripes very much.

  4. Anonymous6:04 AM

    What a fantastic display of outdoor assemblage for your Icad's. You've got some good stuff there lady, now for the sculpture to be? xox

  5. wow Terrie, I love this! I'm a habitual "arranger" when I'm at the beach so these really speak to me. great compositions and a really fun take on the collage challenge.

  6. These are so brilliant Terrie! I'm uber impressed by your creativity not to mention the great composition and colours. Thanks for your kind welcome back comments. And thanks for the lovely postcard for my return home. I have many, many of your posts to catch up so I'm off to keep reading and enjoying xoxo

  7. "FANTASTIC!" Terrie...
    Love it all ** thinking outside the box!! ** :]

  8. Great fun, very beautiful, and what a good idea to keep creating new arrangements!
    Have you seen the documentary of Andrew Goldsworthy River and Tides?
    I've had kids go out in the school yard and create with what they find in the grass and under the trees.

  9. What an amazingly creative idea! These are wonderful!


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