365 in 2013 and ICAD

I've used several ways to keep up (and almost catch up) with my 365 collages......mail art went out, ICAD is keeping me motivated and then an actual collage for no reason except to continue to experiment with the style.

#154 -  Go This Way  (ICAD #10) - using part of Corrine's envelope (great magazine page Corrine!) and a photo I took (the numbers are a tag on a phone pole) printed on vellum

#155 - Freak  (ICAD #11) used random papers and an image from a postcard

 #156 - Circle Scribbles  (ICAD #12 -today's)

#157 - In A Hurry  - a paper napkin flower, stamped tissue from Karen, random painted papers and some polka dot birthday wrap

Finding time to be creative is challenging at most times but seems more difficult in the summer when the nice weather draws us outside.  I just need to incorporate being outside with being creative....hmmmmm :)  


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Looking good Terrie. I know you'll have no problem being creative outdoors. Isn't it great that sketchbooks are so portable and that nature provides such great things for use in art ;)?
    Stay inspired!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Oh you are really rocking the graphic images, freak is wonderful, coded numbers and lines and bold signs...oh so cool. Can't wait to see all of these together at the end. YOu will have to post a group shot! xox

  3. Gorgeous work as always Terrie, I love them all.
    Huge hugs x

  4. There's no doubt you are dedicated to this. Love them all but the first is my fave of this batch.

  5. I can't decide which of these I like the best because they all are excellent. So cool

  6. your collage skills are really coming to the fore... I have some of the papers you sent me out on my desk and I am thinking it is time to start incorporating some into the cuppa project... maybe... I will keep checking out your work and hope to be inspired!!!

  7. great use of that phone-pole photo! I really love that whole collage.


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