bliss list

For the last couple months I've read Lorinda's (Everyday Endeavors) Friday bliss lists and thought it such a nice way to stay in touch with the good things that happened to her during the week.  In my blog wanderings this week, I came across another participant which finally prompted me to click through to the party held by Liv.  

My first Friday bliss/happy list includes:

1.  A big envelope filled with delicious papers for arting from my first swap through swap-bot.com - textures, colorful, a Japanese graphic book, some stickers and more.  I can't wait to start playing with all the goodies..

2.  A couple of 65 degree day in Seattle - things are blooming and it didn't rain every day this week!

3.  I made some plans with my best friend to have a crafting night at a local stamp store.  She lives out of town but will drive in for the weekend, a workshop, some crafting, and lots of friend hugs.  Can't wait to see her.

4.  Hubby got some good news at work which will make his job much easier - that means we're happier at home too!

5.  More mail happiness arrived yesterday - a beautiful handmade postcard from Lorinda (yes, she of bliss list inspiration).  I love it;  thanks so much!

What has made you happy this week?


  1. Oh, thanks Terrie!! I'm so glad my (Liv's) list has inspired you to share and glad you like my postcard. I'm hoping yours arrives any day now! This is such an inspiring list--hope you had a great time at the stamp store and playing with all of your new supplies! xx

  2. Terrie, that swap-bot is fun, isn't it? I like the purple hyacinth, I can practically smell them! Lorinda's postcard is wonderful!! enjoy your stuff!


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