moo sale

MOO is having a sale - 25% off on all their print products through 4/22.  If you haven't used them, I can highly recommend their quality and ease of ordering.  What sets MOO apart from most online print operations is that you don't have to order multiples of the product (postcard, card, business card, etc.); each one can be a separate image.

I've ordered their postcards before and was SO impressed with the quality of paper and printing.  Who knew my photographs could look so good?  Their business cards come 50 to a pack and again each one can have a different image (or they can all be the same) and then you can customize the back with whatever contact info you want.

Since each piece has a different image, what a great way to promote your art whether photos or paintings or sculpture!  I keep postcards on hand for some of the p/c exchanges I participate in and I just ordered business cards for the first time - listing my blog and my ETSY shop address.  As artists I think this is an excellent and professional way to present ourselves .... check it out.  (no I'm not getting anything - just the satisfaction of passing along a great deal).


  1. I love MOO too! Valerie

  2. really appreciate this intro, Terrie!! I'd never heard of Moo, but I love the name and your suggestion. I've been on a postcard-making project lately and I love the idea of making one or two of each. such a cool way of DOing this!! thank so much!!

  3. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Moo is great isn't and you are so right the quality is fantastic. Love your new header image! xox

  4. eep! thanks for sharing Terrie but I must avoid....I think I could VERY quickly become a Moo addict! their stuff is gorgeous! xx


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