inspiration mosaic

1. Bamboo Forest, 2. Journal 21 - feel free again, 3. Ensemble, 4. Seek Heaven, 5. Spring LIght 20"x20", 6. Cup, plates and flowers, 7. Journal Cynki - Emily Dickinson, 8. Zentangle Inspired, 9. separates, 10. Snowy Day, 11. Grids CJ-cover, 12. The Building Across the Street, 13. spines 08, 14. Aha!, 15. Abstract Landscape, 16. P365 Day 180 - What's Been Missing

I'm getting all sorts of ideas from iHanna's blog (be sure to visit her if you haven't already) - she posted her flickr inspiration favorites yesterday which inspired me to do the same.  The links below take you directly to that artist or photographer's flickr stream.  How cool is this?  I don't always remember to fave images I come across that I like, but now I will so that I can share them with you guys every month of so.

I created it quickly and easily using Big Huge Lab's free mosaic maker - they give you the HTML links and everything.....super easy!


  1. This is a great idea, another project for my very long to-do list! Valerie

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Love this Terrie - yes Hanna has great ideas. I love how you are a fearless explorer of new things. xox

  3. I love your collage of inspiration, Terrie. The bamboo and books are my fave but they're great all the way around. Hope you had a wonderful Monday! :)

  4. Very fun! Thanks for the tip Terrie!!


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