restrained journal

Remember a couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my 'restraint journal' (inspired by Hanna at iHanna).  I love the quick results, the collage composition practice, the ability to use up fragments from my desk and most of all, a place to keep the random pieces of inspiration I find.  I spent a couple of happy hours this morning adding to the journal.

 Usually I try to have some cohesion between the two pages, but sometimes it's more apparent and intentional than others.

Sometimes the inspiration piece is too big (my journal is 5x7) so I have a few folded or layered pages.

Sometimes the inspiration is a color combo or a bloom (what doodles or shapes can I take from this ranunculus?

I love a striking and unusual flower arrangement that reminds me of my days as a florist. This one is yummy.
Have you tried a similar type of journal yet?  One that is simple in layout and no fancy or involved painted or embellished backgrounds?  It's freeing - try it.


  1. I think I need to start one of these journals - it seems like a great way to round up my favorite little bits and to practice some simple composition without completely over thinking it or getting crazy-messy. I'm very drawn to your rectangle page.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Spectacular, this is really something special. The very first spread is pulling me right in. xox

  3. Loving your journal, Terrie. Alot. My faves are the ones with the purple shades. Really grabs me. :)


  4. wonderful pages Terrie. I bought the book but haven't started filling it yet... Really love the first page! Thanks for sharing! xx

  5. I really like this style of journal. With this notion it frees you up to put in whatever you want and I always find that using things to hand often works better than expected. Wonderful!


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