alaw for april

My letters for April are done (one alpha letter/week) for my dotty alphabet (remember the paint drips/spots).

I'm using the black ribbon to visually connect all the letters but also having a design overflow to an adjoining card every once in a while.  Remember, these cards are 3" square then mounted on colored cardstock with about a 1/8" edge.  (I thought they were all perfectly centered til I see them here - the teal one is clearly off center...will have to redo that one!)

Visit ALAW to see more amazingly creative alphabets.....computerized, stitched, beaded, cut from wood, etc.


  1. Love your alphas! Valerie

  2. You are SO creative Terrie!! Love these alphabet designs.

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Ooh nice lettering. I used to know caligraphy but it's been so long and it was always a struggle. These look great! xox

  4. These are wonderful, Terrie. I love them. My favourites are "o" and "p". Hee :)

  5. The black ribbon really brings them together! Love all the patterns in these!


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