Butterfly Effect has a theme that's hard to resist this week:  Flowers.  Who doesn't love to draw, photograph or write poetry about flowers?!  My little brain is going 100 mph trying to settle on ONE thing.....of course I have a million (well hundreds and hundreds anyway) photos of flowers - close up, far away, all seasons, with textures or words, plain.  That almost seems too easy, so off to the art room I took myself. Then.....

Jenn over at Just Add Water Silly has started a new weekly prompt - this week it's rainbow ...in whatever iteration or interpretation you want to explore.  So I made my flowers in a rainbow of colors....happy, bright, rainbow colors.

Starting with a watercolor loose painting, I added washi tape, tissue paper, handmade paper (not by me), oil pastels and watercolor pencils for detail.  I submit:  Summer Bouquet (feels a little presumptuous to name my efforts, but I need the practice :)

Handmade paper texture added on far right along with washi tape blooms.  Detail below.

 Decided to try some black oil pastel since I'd done other pieces and liked the contrast it offered.  Didn't like it here....too harsh, too random, too.....much.  What to do?

Add white details to balance and cover up some of the black.  I think it helped, but wish I would have left it alone.  May go back and add a little more floral detail, but I've messed experimented with it enough for now.

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  1. I'm totally loving your brilliantly executed abstract interpretation of a vase of flowers. It's beautiful, and made even more beautiful with the addition of black and white. Thanks so much for participating!

  2. Love all the media you used. Gives it so much character and texture. :)

  3. I think this is building up to become a wonderfully detailed piece! Thank you for sharing the stages :D XXX

  4. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Beautiful! I like the black and the white to tone it down, gives it more drama :).
    Stay inspired!

  5. Your flowers came together so pretty. Such a gorgeous piece..


  6. Great Job!!

    Most definitely bright and full of fun, reminds me of a warm summer Saturday! Not like today's grey rain....LOL


  7. I love your flowers!!!! All of the different textures blend to make a beautiful Summer Bouquet!

  8. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Love this mix of stuff. The black just shouts and I think it looks great. xox Corrine

  9. Wow..stunning beauty..these blooms are gorgeous and dazzling...such a wonderful rush of colors and pure poetry!

  10. This is stunning! I love how you added the textures and brought such energy to the flowers!

  11. Lovely flowers! That's what it's all about.... Learning as we go!

  12. What a wonderful idea and I love the result ♥ love the light that comes from the right side !

  13. I like to see you playing like this...trying stuff out...experimenting and being creative! I think it's really quite pretty just as it is!

  14. I think the black adds a great value change. Very pretty effect of all the media, Terrie

  15. beautiful! thanks for showing the progress. i love it!

  16. Beautiful flowers for APR! I love all the texture and bright colors!


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