postcard swap

Inspiration Avenue is hosting a postcard swap as their weekly theme - you can sign up by 4/29 and you have a whole month to mail out 5 postcards.  You don't have to publish your address; just the 5 people sending to you will get your address.  If you'd like to receive some delicious handmade mail, be sure and register!

Click through here to read all the details.


  1. hi Terrie
    Thanks for your email and sharing the info about the postcard swap. I just blogged about some swaps i participated in. I got some great things! Have a great day! Fran

  2. Just signed up - can't resist a good postcard swap!

  3. Lovely cards Terrie. Thank YOU so much for the beautiful postcard I received yesterday!! xx

    Five cards sounds manageable, heading over to IA!

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    These are great Terrie. so graphic and bold, love em. Thanks for all your recent mail, I feel loved. xox


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