today's journal

Yesterday I got 2 new goodies - a book about hand lettering from Amazon with some fun alpha ideas and a small set of Inktense pencils. Of course, I had to play last night and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE these pencils. They are like watercolor pencils, only better because the color stays so intense after applying water. Using my water brush, they're easy to shade (see the T & X). I just got the 12 pack but that's still 12 times the fun!

My journal page shows a little playing with a new, curvy alpha and a bright border colored in with my new pencils. I'll try something a little more polished soon but I had to share this bit of fun.............


  1. The alphas look great. I think I need those inktense pencils, too....Valerie

  2. that alphabet is so fun and colorful.....love it!

  3. I LOVE this- I think I might need some of these pencils too!


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