Are these done?

These 9x6" collages have been in progress for a while - add a little something every now and then as I want to try a new technique or material or just have an idea of what to add. It's hard to tell when they're done. I guess if I find myself thinking.....it's missing a little something - here - then it's probably not done.

Feel like the one above needs more of a focal point, stronger message/connection.

Think the one above is close to done - I have a framing idea that I think will be cool.

This is another one I'm quite liking but not sure if it's done. I like the bolder use of color and I tried out my own hand made stencil to good effect. I'm thinking to add a beaded element and call it good.

Although I like some parts of this, I'm not totally in love with it. What's missing?

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