mail call

I've received some lovely mail recently - isn't it great to go to the mail box and find something thoughtful and handmade there instead of all the bills and junk mail?  I just love that!

Thanks to:
Natasha May from the Flutterbye swap (many of you will recognize her delightful lady) Thanks Natasa.

Jenn McLean (how about that monogrammed bookmark - isn't it cool?!)  Thanks Jenn

a card from Nancy at IUOMA (this came wrapped in cellophane)  Thanks Nancy

and a card from a swap-bot trade for a 5x7 painting (isn't she lovely?)  Thanks!

Below is the 5x7 watercolor I sent to my swap-mate.

I'm always excited to share mail art and welcome others who want to share their creative endeavors with the mailman and with me!  Email me for an address exchange....  tpurk@earthlink.net


  1. Gorgeous stuff sent and received - enjoy! Valerie

  2. You must have a lovely, and growing, collection Terrie. Why not join the International Collage Exchange next year?

  3. You had a pretty special mail art day. How nice to get such beautiful and fun mail. And I enjoyed that each was SO different.

  4. Wow Terrie, Lucky you! Guess what? I got your postcard today. Lucky me! I love it, thank you:))

  5. Wow, such amazing pieces Terrie! Maybe it's time for us to have another exchange...

  6. I love the variety! So much goodness here - love your swirly cloud above!


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