by the numbers: April

This was fun to share last month, so thought I'd repeat it for April.  There are two recap things today as we start a new month (yikes, it's May already!)...my 'by the numbers' random tracking chart and a mosaic of my favorite flickr photos for April.  I love the Big Huge Labs mosaic maker...it's beyond easy AND includes all the links so I don't have to mess with it.  Perfect!

Here's my inspirational flickr mosaic that includes art from some of my fave folks (the thumbnails aren't the whole piece; it's worth clicking through if you see something intriguing):

1. The Sketchbook Project: Putting it All Together, 2. Connected, 3. Prairie Rockets 2, 4. tumble dry, 5. Untitled, 6. Unfolding, 7. Eye on Phoenix City Hall, 8. Fully Conjugated, 9. charybdis, 10. Easter Arrival, 11. Rick Steves Delivers Salzburg, 12. almost as (nothing), 13. Feel it - Prima, 14. elemental, 15. Place Vauban, 16. Doubled, 17. The Place I Once Knew, 18. No. 81 Côté Cité, 19. Booksellers Along the Seine, 20. page6

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  1. wow you are one busy lady, i am inspired


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