postcards mailed

Hooray - I finished my Inspiration Ave postcards for the swap and all 5 are in the mail in the morning, winging their way around the world (Australia, Germany, Canada, US).  I'm sure looking forward to getting mine starting any day now..... :)

No pictures just yet as I don't want to give away what they'll be receiving to those who might read my blog, so I'll share in a few days.  My envelopes look like this:

So if one of these shows up in your mailbox, it's from me! :)


  1. People will be so thrilled to get these in the mail... such a fun challenge and very very cool envelopes...xx

  2. Looks good! I sent mine off 2 weeks ago, but up till now have only heard from one that she got the card....Valerie

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Oh this envelope is so much fun. I love the way you have played with the lettering and given your swap partners a bright and welcoming envelope....Thanks for the post card that cheered me up yesterday in our gray raining weather. xox

  4. I picked up a glorious post card from you and nearly squealed out loud in the post office lobby. I'm hanging it on the studio wall. thanks, my art friend! -Karen

  5. There are going to be five very happy people when they receive these pretty envelopes!

  6. Ooh, you got some great countries. All of mine were for the US and I've only heard that one has arrived so far (and that would be Debbie just above me here!). I got my first postcard on Friday, from Germany! I'll be sharing it tomorrow. Love your envelopes. Hope I get one...I do love your mail art! xx


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