bliss list

It's Friday and I'm sharing a few things that quietly made me happy, content, pleased, joyous this week:

1 - Had a long phone conversation with my oldest son.  That's definitely noteworthy because he is notorious for not answering calls and for keeping conversations brief.  But I must have caught him at a generous moment because we chatted and chatted.  I love my sons!
(they don't ever read this blog, so they don't know when I talk about them :))

2 - Got some pretty spring flowers planted on my deck so now when I look out the kitchen window I have color and flowers and pretty things to catch my eye.

3 - I'm leaving this afternoon for a weekend with my best friend and we're going to sit and talk and talk and talk and maybe do a little crafting and then talk some more.  Best friends are the greatest!

4 - I'll be teaching my first art class this month.  I'm offering a small two hour art journaling workshop and am so excited to be sharing what I've learned and am still learning.

5 - My scales continue to show a slow and steady weight loss (I've lost 22 pounds since January 1) and I'm so pleased that the progress continues even with an occasional relapse.  I have about 5 pounds to go! :)

My bliss list Friday is inspired and hosted by Liv at Liv Lane - join in, won't you?  We can all use a little shared joy!


  1. My daughter never reads my blog either so don't feel alone. My brothers are like that - they like short conversations and I have to call them.

  2. What a great week you had! Congrats on the weight loss.

  3. wow - congrats on the teaching gig! can't wait to hear all about it. and there is nothing greater than a weekend with your best friend. enjoy.

  4. is your workshop online? sounds fun!

    you might like to participate in my upcoming art workshop, it's free and you can see it on the "FEW" page of my blog :)

  5. oh my gosh Terrie! Teaching your first art class...22lbs down...you're a rock star! hope you're having a great girls weekend! xx


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