mail art


All the above cards are made on cut up cereal type boxes and bits and pieces from my paper and stamps stash.  Most went to new IUOMA contacts in the trashpo group - trashpo means that the cards are strictly made from "trash", from ephemera, leftovers, recycled from things that would normally end up in the trash. Fun idea, right?


Received from IUOMA and swap-bot contacts.....and lovely surprises from buddies Corrine and Karen - thanks you guys!

Mail art rocks!  It's SO much fun to receive unexpected postcards or envelopes stuffed with goodies - like a little touch of Christmas......every day I'm eager to check the mail box, just in case something pretty is in there for me.  And I really like making mail art cuz it's quick and satisfying and a chance to play in a small format.  Try it, you'll like it.


  1. Nice cards! I have just finished the five cards the the postcard swap, they will be going out tomorrow. Love your may-flowers, too! Valerie

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Oh your new stash of outgoing is terrific Terrie, so bright and graphic, cool beans!! xox

  3. That is great! I love the idea! A great way to recycle and also to keep letter writing from disappearing.

  4. Great job on the postcards! I like the idea of recycling what would otherwise be trash--sounds like a fun group!

  5. you're welcome :)
    your outgoing cards are fab!
    makes me want to join the trashpo group.
    (and give up sleeping altogether)

  6. So many beautiful postcards. I wonder what all the postal workers think seeing these works of art each day. Now that I have the IA postcards under my belt I'm feeling a bit more confident signing up for SwapBot. Thanks for sharing Terrie!!


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