may flowers #8 & #9

Catching up on my flower power for Lori Moon's month long challenge.  Still working in my art journal and playing with techniques:

Both of these floral pages used tissue paper.  The top one is my first attempt to print on tissue paper and, surprisingly, it worked great....I used a photo of my dahlias with some words and the bright flowers are from a magazine I think.  The lower one uses some beautiful floral printed tissue paper I received in a swap - I thought it was kind of bright, so in my toning it down, I almost totally obscured the flower part so brought it back a bit with oil pastels.


  1. Looks like you are having fun. Tissue paper is very versatile for stamping and transferring to canvas, too, which I use a lot! Valerie

  2. Oh I do so love the colours and textures of the top pic - love it!

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I am really enjoying the splotches of paint on the second piece, and the washi tape stuck in there too! Looks like you had a good time playing with your flowers. xox

  4. Love your journal pages. I love the textures and colors. I see a little washi tape on the page too - love it!


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