bliss list & flowers #11

I'm once again staying in touch with things that make me happy and this week I'm acknowledging this:

1 - Mail art definitely makes me happy and after being away for the weekend, I came home to a mailbox with several pieces of arty mail.  Smile.

2 - Two days spent with my best friend - talking and shopping and planning and talking some more.  Love.

3 - Bowling for charity - my gosh, I haven't bowled in years and years, but this was for a good cause.  Fun.

4 - A week without rain, in the spring, in Seattle - totally amazing and so enjoyable to be able to go out for walks, take some spring-time photos, be warm.  Contentment.

5 - I read a GREAT book and for the readers among you, I definitely recommend this.  Winterdance by Gary Paulsen is an interesting, well-written true story about a man's first run in the Iditarod.  Engrossing.

Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod
The hostess of this great idea is Liv over at Liv Lane, so if you'd like to share a few things that made you blissful this week, link in - we'd love to share your joy.

FLOWERS, day 11:

Yesterday Lori Moon showed the advantages of taking photos of flowers from different perspectives, like from underneath or lying on the ground shooting up to the sky.  Last summer I tried the same experiment and though I didn't lay on the ground, I just held the camera away from me, down amongst the iris stems to see what would happen.  I got some cool images.....

So, get down at bug level, or stand on a chair and get a birds eye view - change it up and see what happens!


  1. sounds like you had a great week, and i love your flowers

  2. Yep, sounds like a blissful week. Fantastic mail art ya got there and super fantastic iris shots. Wish I have a few more varieties in my yard...not that the yellow isn't nice and sunny....

  3. What a beautiful blissful week...I should link up to Liv on a Friday during my Flower Challenge too - - now to just remember. :) Love your pictures from bug level!!! Flowers are beautiful all the way around even underneath. Thanks for playing along!


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