texture tuesday: 2 textures

Kim at Kim Klassen Cafe asked that we use two of any of her textures with our image this week.  I'm still playing catch up with all I have to do so didn't spend a lot of time on this - but I did use 2 of her textures:  Dark Scratched, soft light 60% and Cosmo, soft light 72%.

There are always lots of pretty images from the talented folks who join Kim on Tuesdays (I'm #82) - check it out!


  1. Love this, so very nice. Joining you from tex Tues

  2. beautiful! love the simplicity of this.

  3. I so enjoy any digital art, but of course, the original photo has to be of quality or the textures aren't worth much. And that is why I always love your photos, whether you use a texture or not. Thanks for your help about buying a camera. I need all the help I can get when it comes to that subject.

    I thought I had asked before, but maybe not. May I add your blog icon to my left sidebar? You may let me know on my blog at your convenience, since my e-mail isn't working properly.

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    WOW! Does that ever pop and perfect quote!!
    Stay inspired!

  5. i love love this , the red, the light the scratches

  6. Beautiful texture choices and application. I have to tell ya, Texture Tuesday is my most challenging linkk up. ARGH...I just always seem to have such "issues" with textures as I feel when I apply them (and no matter HOW lightly) they seem to distract from my photo. I don't see that in others' photos tho...so I must be doing something wrong. Gotta figure it out :)

  7. This is just lovely. The colour is fabulous.


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