journal work & flowers

I've been keeping up with working in my art journal every day and some days I love what I make, others, not so much.  Par for the course I guess.  I've been keeping in mind Lori's floral challenge for May and while not all my pages have a flower, many do.  Here's a few of my recent pages.

Remember the restraint journal?  It's my inspiration book, my quick and dirty collage book, my instant art gratification place, no paint, no markers, just inspiration photos/catalog pgs/online art and random papers to clean up my desktop.

 A reminder to work on a single topic, in a series.

 I love flowers in my clothing too!  (flowers #17)

LOVE this vase - a scrap from a failed painting at the bottom and the gray piece to the right of the vase is actually a shiny silver paper from a gum wrapper.

Art Journal:
Flowers #18, 19, 20

Added some beads for fun and dimension.

Found some long unused colored pens so tried them out in a simple drawing.....

Flowers #21 & 22 - a little zentangle....

That catches me up for the flower/day challenge.  And, for the first time, I'm joining Marcia's Just Journals week long sharing of journal pages.


  1. Oh my, you have been busy. Love the tangles and the journal pages and covers. Thanks for sending your addy! Valerie

  2. Loving your flower art journal pages, especially the playing with circles one.

  3. oh they are all so great, but my favourite two are the bottom two

  4. You're a girl of many talents Terrie... and neat! Love your page 'work in a series'.

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Wow, the journal pages are fabulous. Flowers in the clothing, yup I like it too even if my shape doesn't always flatter, aw what the heck! Thanks for the post card. xox

  6. All of these pages are wonderful. Love the little bird on the 'find joy' page.

  7. I am adoring your journal pages! Wow

  8. Love, love, love!!!!!! Seriously, you are one talented woman! That bird is great by the way. Your tangles are wonderful! Thanks for joining in my May Flower Challenge. xoxo

  9. Nice journal with no paint. I enjoyed seeing pages in it. Lovely composition. I am in love with Day 18's flowers. Of course, I was impressed with the page where you found the long unused pens. Lucky you. Like shopping, only without spending any money (grin).

  10. So, so, so much goodness Terrie! I'm seriously loving all of it!

  11. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing with us at Just Journals!

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Love, love, love especially playing with circles. I love circles. I looked at it for a long time. I like the palette and composition and at first I thought you stitched the little out parts of the flower, I like the raggedness too; seems natural. INSPIRATIONAL as always love love I'm going to dream about circles. I love circles too. Blessings Terri http://morningdewdrops.com


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