inspiration mosaic

1. 3 pen mandala, 2. Doodles Unleashed Video Kit Club project two: pipette FLOWERS, 3. Starling, 4. yellowone, 5. Untitled, 6. topology, 7. Commentaries on Living, 8. Challenge # 70, 9. missing my spring garden, 10. A Small Bouquet for you, my Flickr Friends, 11. Journal 026 - Time Travellers, 12. 124-366 puffy, 13. daily collage, 14. Connected, 15. Prairie Rockets 2, 16. tumble dry, 17. Untitled, 18. Eye on Phoenix City Hall, 19. charybdis, 20. Easter Arrival, 21. almost as (nothing), 22. No. 81 Côté Cité, 23. Booksellers Along the Seine, 24. page6, 25. Bamboo Forest

Here are some of my May flickr favorite finds along with the links to that person's photostream.  I love flickr because I can find inspiration from some long time faves like Jane Davies, to new artists to digital artists, amazing zentangles, scrapbookers, and, of course, photographers.  Do you use flickr for inspiration or to follow favorite artists?

I created this mosaic very simply using Big Huge Labs and indicating I wanted them to use my flickr faves.  But you can also individually choose images from your own computer or a variety of other sources.  Try making your own mosaic - it's free fun.


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I love these mosaics, I am such a visual learner that I eat them up. Never did figure out how to make my own though....good for you. Lovely, inspiring choices. xox

  2. I love when you make these Terrie! I see some amazingly beautiful art in here. Thank you much for pulling them all together for us! I really like the combination of photography, zentangles, and painting/collage.

  3. Oh my... really like this mosaic!
    Very inspiring. :] The mix of artwork is incredible, great balance of work.
    Ah, yes... Big Huge Labs, almost forgot about this site.
    Thank you for the tip (reminder), Terrie.


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