favorite things

In honor of her birthday Jenn at Just Add Water Silly wants us to celebrate our favorite things.  I have lots of fave things....So for Artists' Playroom, here's just a few, in no particular order.

I love me a good book!  (now this was an interesting shot to set up, and without my glasses - I couldn't read anything!)

I love me some warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk.  (but not now, I'm dieting...sigh)

I find it hard to resist ribbon.

I love me lots of dangly, colorful, collagey type jewelry (I made some of these).

I love me some rusty, dusty, mangled goodness (this is an old car fender up close & personal).

I love Seattle.  It's so picturesque, so friendly, so.....home.

I love tropical beaches and I love traveling to get there - white sand, turquoise water, blue skies - exactly the opposite of what we see in Seattle (this one is Tahiti).

I love flowers, all shapes and sizes - they make me smile

Finally, I love my family and they are my favoritest thing of all.  My three guys make my heart happy (this is from last year).

Obviously I had a hard time choosing one thing - unlike Tracey who loves her tea and teacups, I don't have a main fave.  And, I can't really draw well enough to capture most of these favorites, so I'm sharing my photos.  I'm off to see what the others are sharing about their favorite things.


  1. I love this post... and yes I love my tea cups but I love reading almost as much... I have a book and a cup of tea waiting not so patiently for me... our piles of books could be related I think... and the flower photo took my breath away... so stunning... and the rust... so much wonderfulness here Terri...xx

  2. how nice to see all the things you love, the family picture is great, wow that flower, did you take that picture, amazing

  3. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I love seeing all your favourites. Your rusty car part at first glance looked to me like a silk scarf ;).
    Stay inspired!

  4. I am madly in love with that first photo of you in the books. You have actually given me an idea of how I can play at APR this week. Not sure what the last day is to enter, since I've never seen the cutoff day and time, but if I have time, I'll do something similar to what you did. ONLY my camera won't be taking photos anywhere nearly as nice as yours.

  5. Oh these are just terrific! That first one especially is so very creative and cool.

  6. I want to draw all your pictures but the best one by far is your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing this week Terrie.

  7. A great post Terrie, gave me an idea for more Flickr post

  8. Sigh. Sweet sentiments with wonderful pictures!

  9. We share a lot of likes! I read almost constantly, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite (hot or not) and I would not be embarrassed to show you my ribbon stash! Beautiful photo of you and your family! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. I love that rusty mangled fender photo. gorgeous. and you know how those seattle pix make my heart ache. it will always feel a little like home to me even though my time there was brief - it's where I became an adult.

  11. A full, well rounded, and beautiful, life you have Terrie. Your guys are gorgeous.

  12. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Lovely list of favorite things. Love that shot of you in the books! xox

  13. So Wonderful...what a lovely post full of inspiring magic and pure joy..beautiful photos and imagery...! Gorgeous!

  14. Such a wonderful list! I love your head shot with the books! My kids are total bookworms and I may just borrow your idea for a fun photo of them!

  15. Such lovely, loving things in your life. Such a wonderful post to share with us! xx

  16. I love the pile of books and had real trouble getting past the cookies. Seattle looks beautiful, I went through there back in 1976, I was travelling from Vancouver to LA, so I didn't see much. You have a beautiful looking family and I would love to paint that flower photo, so gorgeous and interesting.
    Really loved your post.

  17. Nice post. Like you I have 3 guys, my husband and two sons that are my favorite things too. Books...check, Rusty things...check, flowers, tropical beaches also favorites. Maybe someday I will get to see Seattle. It does look lovely and friendly! BTW, that photo of the rusty fender is gorgeous! It looks like an abstract painting, wonderful shot.


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