flowers in may #15

It was another sunny, beautiful day in Seattle yesterday and so when I got home from work I sat out on the deck for awhile, basking in the sunshine and warmth.  As I looked out over the planting bed, I noticed a shrub with blooms that I don't remember from last year.  I sat enjoying looking at the variety of greens/golds/reds of new growth on all the shrubs and finally couldn't stand it.  I had to take a closer look at the splash of orange in the flower bed.

It looks like it's in the lily family, but the greenery doesn't seem lily-like, so I don't know what it is.  Oh, yes I do.  It's pretty, that's what it is!  Linking my flower-of-the-day-for-May to Lori Moon's challenge.


  1. They sure do look like some form of lily. Enjoying all your flower posts!

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Looks like a rhododendron to me. The flowers are lily like and the leaves are leathery!!! Branches are knobby like that too. Nice shots. xox Corrine

  3. Oh I'm so glad you liked your postcard & bookmark Terrie. I'm an avid reader too so I totally understand the love of a good bookmark!!
    Hope to see you in APR (birthday edition) this week!

  4. I thought they were day lilies when I first saw them, maybe an ornamental kind. But I agree that day lilies don't have those types of leaves. I've cooked day lily leaves before and made handmade paper, so I know what they look like. Also, unless your seasons are WAY different from mine, my day lilies don't bloom until mid July. I hope you find out what they are (besides pretty, that is).

  5. Lovely flowers Terrie. I'm fairly sure they're a rhodo...but I'm no botanist!

    I'm with you on the creative challenges saturation thing. I need to make a list! But there is just so much fun and learning to be had...

    Have a great week my friend. xx


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