little bliss list

Celebrating joyous, blissful, happy occurrences this week (hosted by Liv at Liv Lane):

Memorial Day weekend was filled with wonderful, happy-making times: played cards with friends Friday night, had a lazy, relaxing day Saturday (those are in short supply sometimes) and we enjoyed a little Seattle sunbathing!, friends over Sunday for brunch and to watch the Indy 500 (my hubby is from Indianapolis so this is an annual event) and then Monday was another quiet, restful, peaceful day.  That's a whole week of pleasure right there!  Rested.

I went to the little farmer's market in my community and picked up some stunning peonies (mine are barely out of the ground) and some fragrant, delicious, all natural, homemade fogoza bread for dinner.  Yummy.

at the farmers market

I'm excited about a new site started by Karen to swap mail art and other paper art (Mail Me Some Art) - I adore people who have the inclination to organize the rest of us and give us an outlet for sharing our art. Go ahead, sign up.  Excited.

My best friend arrives today to spend the weekend.  We have a morning of thrifty shopping and an evening of stamping and making cards planned.  Anticipation.

My house is clean and tidy (cuz I cleaned it up for my friend's visit) and I love it when it's all sparkly clean!  Ready.

Share your bliss, your pleasures, just what makes you happy....share the good in your life.


  1. sounds like a fun time is planned

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Sounds totally blissful to me!!! Enjoy your friend and your weekend. xox

  3. Your weekend sounds exciting. Enjoy every single moment!
    Cheers from Bordeaux.

  4. Terrie - so much bliss happening in your world. Love the photograph of all those flowers. xoxo

  5. glad you had such a great long weekend Terrie. (gorgeous flowers!) hope you're enjoying this weekend with your BFF just as much. xx

  6. Such beautiful flowers in your post and I love the idea of getting art in the mail! Thank you for sharing.


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