I've been busily finishing up my ALAW project.  Often the hardest thing for me to do is decide.  Decide how to draw the letters, decide how to add dots (for my dotty alpha), decide how to display the 26 3x3" cards, decide  how to make a book closure.......OMG, so many decisions!  Some were trial and error and error and error til I figured it out, but ultimately I'm lovin' my result.

Remember, for my letter a week I was adding zentangles around a letter shape, all squares connected by a black 'ribbon' through it all....like this:

Since the black line needed to be viewed continuously, I decided on an accordion fold or concertina book.  So here's how my book will unfold.  It's stored in a 4x4" box I decorated with a little collage and hand lettering.

Open the box to see my book:

I made a beaded clasp for the book so it wouldn't flop open.

The colored tabs correlate to each dotty background and mat color.

There are eight colors that repeat and each tab is double sided so that the tab matches the mat color.

Then, back in the box.......

Now, what to do for my second alphabet?  This time I think I'm starting with the presentation idea and then figuring out how to do the alpha.  You can certainly join in for the second half of the year - criteria is pretty darn simple.  Create an alpha in a 7cm square (about 3") format and then finish it in a way that it could be displayed - stitched, cut, colored, painted, wood, glass, etc - what is your favorite media?


  1. I really love the accordian folded book to display your alphabet, the running theme of the black ribbon through is perfectly executed! You do such great work, loving the display! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  2. You really have put so much thought and work into your finishing details. From the box, to the beaded clasp, to the double sided tabs. Terrie, you are amazing! xx

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Fantastic! I love the creativity of the lettering and the display. You're awesome :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. This is a beautiful treasure! Valerie

  5. What an amazing project! Often finishing is the toughest part of the project but your finishing was a carefully detailed as the start. Good work!

  6. This is just so amazingly fantastic! Well done!

  7. You are such an inspiration, Terrie. I am "agog" at your work and utterly deLIGHTed to BE able to hear and read and see your process.

    It must BE said, your consistent sharing has been a really HUGE source of encouragement for me. Just keeping at things one day at a time, as I've been DOing with my 366 Daze of Grace blog has kept me from the overwhelm which often used to stop me cold.

    Thank You so very much!! xoxo

  8. It's just sooooooo perfect Terrie... congratulations!

  9. that is so fantastic. the box is perfect, and that clasp is gorgeous, and all those little tabs...
    It came together so beautifully.

    I can see you put a lot of time, talent, and effort into this project. :]
    The box is beautiful, very creative.
    I really like the colorful tabs too!
    Very nice work, Terrie. Great job, you should be proud of yourself!! ((hugs))

  11. Amazing, I love it!

  12. Great use of the accordion structure. Really digging those tabs.


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