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Okay - here I go.  ICAD is upon us and I'm joining in.  Hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow, this simple challenge is to decorate and Index Card A Day for 2 months (see the button in my sidebar).  Two months!  Really, did I just commit to a daily something for 2 months?!

Tammy has a separate section on her blog for ICAD posts where she'll be sharing info and even prompts if you need a little creative nudge.  There's a flickr group if you want to see how folks are doing.

My plan is to use it as a warm up exercise, a reminder to create something....anything every day.  Even when I'm camping in a couple weeks....I'll take cards and pens and be among nature and dirt which will surely end up on my cards (maybe I'll take my mess book and finally get started in that!).  However, I don't want to be tedious and post my efforts every day.  So, I'm posting today just to announce I'm playing and show that I made one, but I'm thinking I'll just share once a week.  That's enough, don't ya think?

Day 1 ICAD 2012:

I got my new Adirondack spray Color Wash colors today so had to play with them first thing - I love them! I love the way they spread and blend with a little spritz of water.  However, definitely too wet an application for my flimsy little cheap cards....that's okay.  It was fun to play.

As Karen at I am Rushmore says:
                               "I keep bumping into people who kinda want to do this but are afraid.

so I'm here to say, shut up.
you can do this.
                                     it's an index card for crying out loud.  not a masterpiece.  
                                                                       this is loose.
this is casual.
this is fun.
make something small every day for two months.
don't over think it.
share it.
because it's not about being "good enough"
you're just fine."

You CAN do it.  It's not a 3' canvas, it's a little index card.  It's not a 3 hour/day commitment, it's 5 minutes.  Not all will be beautiful works of art, but many will be.  Mostly it will be fun and creative.

Can't wait to see your ICAD creations.


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Okay, I'll bite. I'm in. Yep, I'm crazy, but I have a box of index cards that are yellowed they're so old. lol
    Stay inspired!

  2. Don't know Karen from a hole in the head, but she's one wise woman! I adore how bold she is in saying "JUST DO IT PEOPLE!"

    I think using the cards as a warm up is brilliant and I love what you did today.

  3. I've bought some sprays and then tell myself they just aren't me. Think I may have to use them for one of these challenges. Seriously, what's there to be afraid of? I'm like those people afraid to join in this challenge, I guess. I need to just shut up and use them! Love how colorful and wonderful your card turned out.

  4. awesome post! absolutely anyone can and should do this ICAD thing...love your colorful card, and the reminder to just make something!

  5. love it Terrie. Corrine totally teased me for saying Shut Up in my post. If you only share once a week, show us all the ones you made that week in one post. because we want to see all of them! (like how I've appointed myself spokesperson of the blogosphere?) I've been pining for some color spray. one of these days...

  6. Wonderful project, very inspiring... can not wait to see your progress along the way!!
    Really like the circles, very playful :]

  7. I see several of my blogging friends are participating in this project this year. It looks like such fun. Sadly, I can't draw. Not a thing! But I like what you have done. Those new color washes are lovely. They don't look so vintage as the originals. I hope they have corrected the spraying problem they have with their originals. I look forward to 30 days of ICADs.

  8. Wow! For a math major, I can't seem to add. That should have read sixty days!!

  9. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Really wonderful, color rich card. I love it! I love circles and dots and words in art.


  10. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Oh wonderful sprayed creation. Looking forward to your dirt infused ones on the camping trip. Karen got me to do it too! xox


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