virtual vacation

Carolyn over at A Colorful Journey is taking an early virtual vacation through June 15.  She's asked us to link up with our own vacation and as I look out my window at another totally wet and rainy day, I'm inclined to leave town! ......Hubby and I usually like to vacation in tropical, hot places since Seattle is so ..... well, not hot!  We need our week or two of sunshine.  This year tropical isn't in the cards so I'm getting my fix by joining in virtually......

AND, Inspiration Ave's theme this week is Wishes.  I wish I was on vacation!

Fiji beach - we found a black sand one but it was TOO hot!  What I remember most about Fiji is that it felt like we were under a broiler.  Though the temperature was only in the low 90s, it felt like 130 and I swear I could see my skin bubbling.  It wasn't the heat so much as the intensity of the sun - it was staggering.  But if you stayed in the water or shade, it was a beautiful tropical place to visit.

Same trip, but this is a Tahitian beach.  This is some different from a Washington rocky beach!

My virtual tropical vacation might include a trip back to St. Maarten in the Caribbean..... (I cropped out the naked people)

You might find me building sand castles on the beach at Surfer's Paradise, Australia (the softest sand in the world!) (this was D's fave beach)

Or you might find me relaxing on Waikiki ......

We enjoyed the sunshine and beaches in Acapulco but I don't know that it was my favorite tropical vacation...

My virtual tropical vacation might take me back to this quiet strip of beach just outside Cabo or watching the boys have more active fun wave-chasing.....

But if I had to choose the ultimate tropical destination, I'd choose Tenerife, Canary Islands - we'd go back there in a heartbeat. Though there's not a lot to do on the island, the food was terrific, the beaches gorgeous and the pace very slow and relaxing.  Again with the topless ladies and I never saw so many piercings!

Sigh - such great memories of hot, lazy days, sand and fruity drinks, sunscreen, wave runners, snorkeling (which I hate!) and dozing in the sun.  Close your eyes, imagine it......


  1. as I read the radio weather forecast if talking of rain all weekend - a tropical beach sounds sooo good

  2. beautiful images posted here! Love these Terrie. Thanks for the mini mental vacation.

  3. Packing my bags! :D :D

  4. while enjoying your beaches I am giggling about the topless view of percings, my ignorant southern charm would have my mouth wagging open and my eyes staring too long at people's...err....parts! No, I am not sophisticated,,,just a girl from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Wonderful photos, I can feel the warm sun and smell the ocean!!
    I'll take another PINA COLADA... :]
    What fun!!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Wow Terrie, some spectacular vacations, I wouldn't mind being on anyone of those beached, but the bubbling skin would not do it for me. I like the Hawaii 80 degree all the time temps....Might have to have me a mai tai just thinking about it!!! xox

  7. You get to be my beach travel agent next trip! You have been to so many amazing beaches! Your post took me out of my land locked state and to the shores with beautiful sand and sun! So glad you joined in the virtual vacation!

  8. I cheered when I saw Surfers Paradise in there... but tell Dave he missed all the great ones up at the Sunshine Coast.... you will just have to come back and visit so he can compare...xx

  9. I was taken to so many wonderful places in your virtual vacation. It all looks fun, including the topless beaches. You shared so many places, I can see how well traveled you are. I live in the middle of the country and don't get to many places I can't drive. So even Seattle sounds like a little bit of heaven to me!

    BTW, you mentioned you couldn't get into ATCs. I can't get into index cards or journaling. You are right about drawing the line (grin).

  10. ATC's and Journaling are difficult for me to get into. Ihear you about the ATC's. I keep trying though. Can you put me in your suitcase for the next trip somewhere warm?? I'll hire the porter to carry me, I mean the bags!!

    Thanks for joining up your spectacular wish.

  11. Loved your post. I miss the ocean! That's one of my top vacation wishes...always the beach!

    Thanks for sharing the journey!!


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