mail call

I'm sharing the wonderful mail art I've received this week.....

The top card is from Corrine at dosfishes and the Zentangle card is from Julia Winkler in the 2nd Flutterbye swap (now moved to Mail Me Some Art).  I love Julia's comment on the card that she's been doodling like this for years and wishes she'd thought to call in Zentangle and make buckets of money! :)  Probably lots of people think that.......

This creative card is from Gemma for the IA swap (my first of 5...) and the bookmarks below are from Tracey Fletcher King.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I just LOVE her botanical style and will treasure these bookmarks - she knows how much I read, so they'll definitely get some use!

This abstract, titled Moonscape, is from Jo Murray in Australia, one of my blogging buddies. OMG, I was blown away at the care and beauty of this piece - course I know I love her style and her beautiful work, but this postcard is really a mini-art piece and I adore it.  She wrote on the back that it has handmade paper, rust stained fabric, hand printed papers and paint.  Isn't it luscious?

This p/c arrived in the handmade envelope from the MMSA (mail me some art) swap - Thanks Lynn, both are beautiful and so appreciated!  And thanks for taking time to include the letter - hope you have a fun summer with your son.

I sent out some mail too:

Sent out for a swapbot exchange with yellow as the prompt: used some scrap papers, a postage stamp, and some paint.

I sent out 10 cards for Shannon's International Card Exchange and used a little of a lots of techniques.  I found some precut card stock in a range of colors so started with that and added paint, stamps, ephemera, a little collaging, etc.  I forgot to take a pic of the backs, but they're all customized and with a short message.  They are headed to the Netherlands, Australia, the US and Canada.  Hope everyone enjoys them....

BTW, due to my list making compulsion, I of course have an Excel list of everyone I've sent a p/c or swap to and have started numbering my postcards - a goal?  Not particularly, just a record.  These make 73 so far.  I have more on my worktable.....


  1. I just love mail call. I even have a new pen pal! Enjoyed seeing all the goodies you received and sent!

  2. So much amazing art in this post! you are a mail art machine and look at all the beautiful gifts you've received! no wonder you need a spreadsheet! I sent out four parcels this week and didn't take a picture of a single one...oops! Keep up the gorgeousness! xx

  3. Holy cow. I thought I was just here and you have added TWO posts (or maybe more since then). Boy am I behind. I enjoyed seeing the mail art and Jo's awesome card gave me the inspiration I need to create an ATC I have wanted to make for awhile. Lovely, as always. BTW, I am crazy, crazy, crazy about your ICADs.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Terrie. All art you've received is just sooooo lovely. I treasure my postcard from you.

  5. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Fantastic mail- lucky you. I have many to return!!! Better get cracking! xox

  6. Wow, Terrie, that's some fun and fabulous mail art. I really love Gemma's postcard and Tracey's bookmarks, and of course Jo's work is fabulous! Your yellow card is great, too...so much great work to look at here! :-)

  7. Wow Terrie!!
    Look at all this inspiration. :]
    Such creativity moving around from mailbox to mailbox... what fun!
    I'd have to say, your yellow postcard is wonderful!!
    The colors and collage elements are fantastic.
    Oh, and the book markers, beautiful. (sigh)
    Take care.


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