collage invitation

Through Jo Murray, I've become aware of an open invitation to collagists to exchange art, exhibit and perhaps sell a collage.  This year's exhibit and exchange is completed, but you can sign up for next year, the 14th year of the event.

One of the collages submitted for the first exchange in 1999, artist unknown.

You create and send 13 collages which must be 8x10 or smaller.  One will be part of a permanent exhibition and the other 12 will enter the exchange - so you'll get 12 beautiful collages back.  You can see the pieces that Jo received in her post here.  You can read more details on the exchange and exhibition here.

The deadline isn't til March 2013, but I wanted to put the bee in your bonnet, the thought in your head, the suggestion out there.  As Karen at I am Rushmore reminds us - " You CAN do it. You ARE worthy."  So think about submitting collages for this international event.  I am.  (I'll remind you again.)


  1. Lovely idea, but I try not to take on so much so that I can just continue being me and doing my own thing. Valerie

  2. Loving your terrific collage and this is a great opportunity for someone to share the work, x

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I have looked at that before and thought about it but whenever something like that comes along, I fail to find an idea I like - Critic shouting loudly I am sure.....Go for it.....you would be simply marvelous. xox

  4. Ah Terrie, you are the source of such juicy information. This one is getting pinned to the bulletin board for consideration. (and I'll add a link on the swap blog).

  5. Thanks for the mention Terrie, it's such a worthwhile project, and not overly time-consuming. They can be small pieces after all, and once you start they seem to just reproduce when you're not looking. They don't have to be even matted if they are on decent card or paper.


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