icad and mail

First, posting my ICADs for the last few days.  Remember, you can join in any time for as long as you want - do it every day or do it as often as you can.....it's all about making a little time in your day to be creative.

#13 - desk clean up time again...discovered I have all these edge strips left over from various projects - now they are the project.

#14 - simple today, just a spritz of color wash, a stamp and some marker drawing....

#15 - found some textured paper scraps....


Then, I've received some fabulous mail this week....Remember to check out Mail Me Some Art if you're interested in participating with sending and receiving great art to brighten your mail box.

From Valerie at Bastelmania for the IA swap - I just love her vintage style....I'm pretty sure she's in Germany based on the book pages as part of the background.

Also for the IA swap, above is from Shelly.  These darling little faces made me smile.

This beautiful card is from my buddy Karen at I am Rushmore who just makes gorgeous cards!  The leaves and flower blooms are real, pressed flowers!  How cool is that!  Thanks so much Karen - now I'll have to try that....Every so often I push the envelope a bit by trying something attached to the card and I think they've all gone through okay.....

More international mail from IUOMA members - from the Celestial Scribe in Brazil, a handmade envelope with a postcard and a tiny handmade envelope with a dried leaf tucked inside!

And from Mich in Greece, an original artist copy of one of her drawings and some really cool stamps!

I hear stories about people sending things like a yellow rubber ducky with an address tag around it's neck, a plastic teacup with the address on the handle, etc. so I think if I attach string or ribbon or a jigsaw puzzle piece firmly, there shouldn't be an issue.  Right?  Why don't you reach outside the 'norm' next time you make mail art and see what might work?

By the way, I'm linking this to Artists in Blogland too.....


  1. Lots of lovely mail, it's fun sending and receiving! Valerie

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Good stuff all, both Icad(I need a catch up) and mail. You should be able to send that. I sent a liquid yogurt bottle and a clear rabbit food bad- oh, now I know I should send something funky to you. xox

  3. Oh Boy Terrie... you do love your mail art... and why not!... it is all soooo creative.

  4. Going to your mailbox must be like Christmas morning! You get so many lovely goodies! And, while you can mail anything, remember they charge you more for it! I am still working on your postcard, seems Mr. Mojo is a bit finiky these days! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Wonderful cards Terrie. Love how you used up your edges!

    So much fantastic mail art! You are one lucky gal--I know you share the love though! xx

  6. You have some wonderful ICADs. And I fell in love with your latest ice cream colors. I would have been here sooner, but you don't have an anonymous button, and I have been unable to get on blogger for several days.

    I have a friend who mailed me a sealed plastic water bottle filled with art supplies once. It got to me in great shape. Not sure what she paid to send it, but I think she had it metered.

  7. I love the ICAD cards Terrie! Wonderful work. #13 - i love the colors and composition:)

  8. I have a Bastelmania Postcard framed on my wall... Valerie uses text so well doesn't she... and the icad cards are fantastic... I am seeing all these awesome cards this year and thinking I am going to do it next year so I can join in the fun...xx

  9. WOW!!
    Look at all this "creativity"... THANK YOU FOR SHARING! :]
    Very inspiring, Terrie.
    Your ICAD cards are fantastic too!
    I really enjoy seeing such a variety of mediums, wonderful artwork.


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