mail received

This has been a great mail week.  I was gone for a few days camping and upon my return the postcards from the International Swap hosted by Shannon at Musings on Realities have started coming in.  Just look at all this creativity!

 From Mim at IUOMA - she's a very regular creator and believes in using what's right at hand.  She got a new shredder and wanted to experiment with making art in little bitty strips.  Fun!

I couldn't read the city or email address, but it's from Kay with Shannon's swap.  Kay, I hope you see this so you know I received it.   I love the layered and layered collage pieces!

Julia in Las Vegas sent me this stunner.  Embossing, collaged torn red (handmade?) paper then dimension with the bits of raffia and that gorgeous heart that looks like it's made of clay but is actually paper.  Did you make it Julia?  It's SO pretty and arrived in perfect condition.

 Here's another beauty - this from Sherry in Alaska (no blog or email....so thanks Sherry!).  She used a grid index card that is colored in for the background, stitched around the edges and then all those flowers are colored, cut out and glued on only in the center so they each pinch up a bit for a great 3D affect!  Cool, right?  It came in a handmade envelope made of a newspaper page - love it!

Last, but not least, this collaged card arrived from Tammy in British Columbia, Canada.  Again, no contact info.  Sure wish folks would remember to add some sort of contact info so I could thank them.

I just love all the variety and attention paid to the postcards I'm receiving.  It's like Christmas!  I just might have to take another vacation soon so I can have the cards stack up! :)  Thanks so much to all of you and I'll be sending something in return to those that I can.  PLEASE be sure to add some way to stay in touch.....

I have lots more catching up to do after being gone for 5 days, so I'll gradually get caught up with my visits and my ICAD posts and whatever other challenges I can.  Looking forward to seeing what you've all done in my absence.......


  1. Welcome back Terrie! You were missed. Hope you had a great time away (and managed to stay dry??) I got my last two pieces of mail art this week...time to sign up for some new swaps. Good thing you've given me so many suggestions! xx

  2. Gorgeous cards Terrie, enjoy. I am still waiting for the cards from the IA swap, but I think the three that are still missing will never come now! Valerie

  3. I LOVE Mail Call and you cleaned-up with this bunch. They are all so different and so much fun.

  4. I used to swap a lot of tip-ins or ATCs with a group of people. After the swaps were over, I went back and looked to see who made what but oftentimes they were not signed. I know your frustration when that happens. I REALLY like that one on the yellow grid.

  5. Hope you had a great time on your camping adventure, and yep, bet it was wonderful to return home to all the fun mail!! wb! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Hi Terrie!
    Hip, hip... hooray, your are back! Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip. :]
    Isn't that fun and inspiring, coming back to a mailbox full of "artful" mail?!
    Enjoy, they all are such beautiful treasures.

  7. Hi Terrie, hope you had a fab holiday. What fab arty goodness to come back to, you lucky lady. I can totally understand the frustration too, I would desperately be wanting to send on some arty thanks in return for such wonderful gifts.
    Hugs x

  8. You do love mail art Terrie... thanks for sharing these lovely cards.

  9. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Super creative mail. Miss you gal, wondered where you were. Hope camping was a good time. xox

  10. Thanks all - we had a great time - relaxing and fun and reconnecting with old friends. I'm trying to get around to visit you all as quickly as I can......


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