icad 20-25

I went camping and took my index cards, inktense pencils & water brush, glue and microns. I even took my Messy book (that I haven't done anything in yet).  What art did I do?  None. Nothing. Nada. Instead I just talked and laughed with friends and soaked up the beautiful surroundings.  Starry nights.  Sunny days.  Rainy days (really? yep!). Cascading, roaring waterfalls.  Raindrops on my head. A sunburned nose. Tall, tall trees.    Constant rushing river sounds (we were 50 feet from the river bank).  Crackling campfires. Smoke in my eyes. (and hair and clothes and sleeping bag)  Fresh corn cooked on the campfire. Solar showers. Quiet, restful, peaceful.

So, no art.  But I've caught up a bit on my ICADs since getting home.....

In tribute to the non-summer we're having so far in Seattle.

A camping themed card reminding me of all the trees around the campground and hikes.

A random bits and pieces mixed media piece.

Using ephemera from the camping trip (we had a bag of mushrooms for scrambled eggs).
Again representing camping using a butterfly that I received in a swap-bot swap (there were lots of huge yellow ones floating around the campsite) and some sage I picked on a hike.

New black dot washi tape and scraps for a shape based composition.

Join the fun - we're decorating index cards daily through July - it's a great way to try a new technique, use up scraps, work on composition or color combos, do a little sketching or tangling.....anything just to get those creative juices revved up.  Share over at Daisy Yellow.


  1. Oh my... these are "FANTASTIC", Terrie!
    Thank you for sharing...
    WOW, I love them all. :]

  2. Trees and rain. Sounds wonderful! Great cards. :-)

  3. These are all great, Terrie. Very pleasing to the eye. Send some rain here, please!!!

  4. The camping sounds like fun, rain and all. It's way too hot here. Yes, I am a hot weather wimp, Received your postcard in the Mail me some art Summer swap yesterday. Thank you! Loving those icad cards.

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Oh the addition of the sage is great! Nice going on that lettering, you must be practicing ALOT - it is so good. xox

  6. Beautiful cards Terrie, what fab reminders of the wonderful (albeit wet lol) camping holiday you had.
    Hugs x

  7. nothing better than days of talking and laughing. for me, that's the best possible reason to not do art. nice bunch of "make-up" cards you got there!

  8. Love your cards. We had a non-summer this year as well, and now we are in winter all of a sudden the sun comes out, even if it is freezing. I think you score points for taking the supplies, and clearly all the non-art time filled your well to help you turn out the "make up" cards, so it was all worth it. :)

  9. Wonderful cards dear Terrie. I love how different they all are. Using what's on hand or meaningful in the moment. Keep up the beautiful work. xx


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