zentangle: alphabet tangles

I finally finished up my tiles using one tangle for each letter of the alphabet.  A week or so ago I posted the first couple - A-H; here are all of them....  Thanks to Sue Jacobs for the idea!

Tangles:  arabel, boomerang, cariv, drap, echoism, fricle, golven, huggins

Tangles: in-a-pod, krli-q, jonqual, lotus pods, mooka, nzeppel

Tangles: opus, parch, queens crown, rain, shard, toeter, urchin, vink

Tangles:  warped egg, xulu, yale, zuan shi and in the bottom tile a version of flux and crescent moon

Just like many of the rest of you, I don't know how much time I'll have to be creative over the next few days or if I do manage to make something, don't know when it will get posted.  So will reconnect with everyone after the company is gone, the house cleaned up (OMG!), and recovery is complete! :)  Happy Holidays.


  1. Wow, great tangles again! Happy Holidays, Valerie

  2. You are so creative Terrie... hope to see lots more in 2012. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Oh Terrie, these are amazing. I kept picking a favourite, scrolling down, picking another favourite... Have a very Merry Christmas!! xx

  4. I love zentangles! These are fun. Merry Christmas to you Terrie!!

  5. Hi Terrie!!
    I've missed you!
    The last zen doodle I made was of a ghost, telling me how long it's been since I've made one!!

    These tangles are AMAZING! You are so awesome at them!

    I hope you have had wonderful holidays my friend!!

  6. Sorry! Me again!
    I was going to finally make a tangle, and I lost the site that I used to use. There was a tragic iced tea accident with my old computer, so I had to get a new one. All was lost!!

    The site I was using had the alphabet on the top, and I could click on a letter and it would show me all the tangles for that letter. I was going to use tangles for "give".

    If you know what I'm talking about, could you let me know? I TRIED to email you, but I can't find it either!!!!!! UGH!!!

    Thanks tons!
    You are awesome!

  7. That's interesting. I didn't know there were names for different styles of zentangles. :) You did a great job with these, Terrie! :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday. :)

  8. These are really amazing! Hope this little note finds you doing well.

  9. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Great zentangles!

  10. I love Zentangles... I haven't been brave enough to post any of mine online (still at the practicing stage)...


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