zentangle: fife

This week's challenge posed by Laura at I am the Diva is to use the new tangle Fife. I found this to be an easy and satisfying tangle - I tried it big and small and shaded and with different fills - it's full of possibility.

Since I'm still toying with the idea of making my own cards this year (doesn't Zentangle just scream out to be used in a card??), I tried Fife to fill in a stocking (traced the size of my card so I'd get an idea of how big things should be) and then in a more traditional tile format.

Top tangles:  SOCC, Fife, Mooka, Hibred, Diamond Panes & Nightsbridge; Bottom tangles: Paradox, Jonqual, Fife and SOOC

Tangles: Fife, Purk, some version of Coaster in the heel & Nightsbridge

I haven't taken the time recently to just sit down and practice my tangles (which shows a little bit here with uneven sizes) but doing these sure reminded me how much I enjoy it!  There are certainly a few goober mistakes in each, but they were so relaxing and satisfying in spite of that - one of the joys of tangling I think.

I'm also linking to Erin at the Bright Owl for a drawing she's holding for some Derwent pencils.  Be sure to visit her & try out her SOCC tangle (similar to Puf) and maybe you'll be a winner.


  1. Your stocking is adorable. I think imperfections makes tangling lovely; it makes it clear that it's drawn by hand and with feeling.

  2. Good work again, love the stocking! Valerie

  3. Beautiful! We don't see your ooooops, we only see the finished product and it is wonderful.

  4. Lovely work! Love the stocking! Yeah me too got few Christimas cards done with tangles so I will take some pictures before send it off. I agreed with other comments about your work. Don't worry about imperfections and look at the whole picture instead of look at your imperfections as you are only one know there are imperfections but for other people, they don't see it.

  5. Fife is such a happy little tangle and it is perfect in the Christmas stocking. Nicely done.

  6. I love the stocking.... it looks like it's already stuffed! :)


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