PAF: holiday season

Photo Art Friday (PAF) is here again with a very broad theme of showing the holiday hustle and bustle, the preparations or activities so I have a couple to share.

I used Bonnie's Christmas Music and Intensify textures and added posterize filter to this holiday table.

This shot of one of my Santa collection has Old Ornate Linen texture at vivid light 50% and then erased around his face.

Added a little crackle texture, soft light at 55% to this old ornament - one of the few left from my childhood.

And finally, played around with my mantel (both the decor and the processing!).  I used Bonnie's great Christmas Music texture again.....

Happy Holidays to you all and I look forward to starting up again in January.  For now, be sure to visit as many of the participants as you can.  There are a lot of them and I certainly can't visit everyone, but I do my best....


  1. What beautiful work you have done here Terrie, and I just LOVE your holiday table!

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend.

  2. What a beautiful post.
    Lots of work, one can tell, but what a result.

  3. wonderful photos... i especially love that old ornament!

  4. You did a very beautiful work here with your great photos!


  5. These are all just incredible edits on some really fabulous photos!

  6. Beautiful photos! Valerie

  7. Merry Christmas Terrie... may all the joys of the Festive Season be yours!

  8. Wow, your mantel is gorgeous. I love the old ornament shot.

  9. Anonymous3:22 PM

    It looks like your house is ready for a fantastic Christmas! Lovely photos!

  10. all of the images are just beautiful. thank you so much for sharing. karen (visiting from PAF)

  11. Hi Terrie! These look wonderful! I think I like the first photo the best. :) Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment.
    Best, Mira

  12. What a variety of lovely edits Terrie! I love them all. Thank you for linking up with Photo Art Friday this year - looking forward to sharing more with you in 2012!


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