I think this is the second time I've participated with Butterfly Effect whose theme this week is storytelling.  While I'm not a particularly creative story teller myself, I really appreciate the skill in others.  So, what came to mind is a few of my favorite family photos showing how important books and stories are to our family.  Here's my storytelling journey:

My sis reads to two-year old cousins who want to hear all about Lassie....

Reading with Grandpa always a treat!

(Not great quality but I love the feeling of this - reading with Grandpa was always a favorite pass time)

That's our cat sleeping on the back of the sofa - did you ever see a more engrossed face? Must have been a good book!

Even as adults the boys are never without a book in hand (or backpack) and I love that they are widely read. They appear to have prodigious memories and can relate stories and passages from memory that just blow me away (I'm lucky to be able to tell you the name of the book I'm currently reading :)).

Yes, I too love to read a good story and then have a hard time giving up the book so have bookcases full of great stories.  Want a recommendation?

Be sure to visit The Butterfly Effect this week to perhaps read a good short story......

I found an interesting thing on Tara Leaver's site that I think would be a good exercise in grounding, in keeping aware of the present.  She got the idea from Monica at Bohemian Twilight and that's as much as I know of the thread....  anyway, it's to use each of the senses as a simple prompt to reflect on THAT moment in time.  I think Tara ends each of her posts with it and while I don't know if I'll be THAT in touch, I think it's a great way to slow down and be aware.
read:  Tara's art/photography blog
hear:  Christmas music on my computer - currently loving Michael Buble's new CD
see:   the red and white lights on my neighbor's house out my office window
smell:  hand lotion (my hands are SO dry this winter)
taste:  toothpaste
touch:  stamp ink on my fingertips
think:  fretting about working on my Christmas cards instead of blogging
feel:  content that all my Christmas chores are done (except those darn cards!)


  1. Hi Terri - just popping over from The Butterfly Effect. Love our post ... such wonderful story telling (literally)! Also love the 'being present' prompts. I hope you don't mind it I borrow them for myself and to share with the readers of my blog. Thanks so much. :o) Donna

  2. That's fantastic Terrie! :) Your family really likes to read. I don't think I have one photo of anyone reading. :) But I do love to read. Thanks for sharing with us.
    p.s. I sent out the giveaway painting yesterday. Hopefully you'll get it this year. :)) I don't know how efficient post office is at this time of year. But I sent it on a plane and priority.;)

  3. love to see, how your family love to read books...my two sisters and I love to read all the time (now I am more a painter than a reader ;-)... it is funny, because either my mother or my father read books ;-)

  4. Great post, love the photos and the grounding exercise!

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    holy cow... look at that little girl up there. Sheesh!

  6. Missed your post last week, sorry :) These are fabulous photos you've shared Terrie, like you say wonderful memories :D XXX


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