scavenger hunt sunday #5

Participating once again with Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos, I submit for your enjoyment my scavenger hunt photos:


A wall at the Music Experience bldg in Seattle.

Do Not Disturb! SLEEPING CAT

She was snoozing (and baking) in front of the fire til I disturbed her - but she was so adorable in her "sphynx" position, I couldn't resist. As soon as I moved away, she went right back to sleep.


Unbridled joy is a room full of adults behaving like children with silly string on Christmas morning!

My first attempt of capturing lights in the window after reading Kat's tutorial at KatEyeView.  Love her tips!


This was actually the most challenging prompt - I had a couple of ideas but ultimately was too lazy to set them up.  This is my "stretch" - I'm half of this couple, this marriage, this loving relationship.  And my better half (eh hemmmm) is such a great guy.  I'm a lucky woman!

I know it might be a time challenge because there's so much to do before the holidays, but take a minute and visit a few other scavenger hunts over the week - you'll be surprised at the great shots!  Happy Holidays.


  1. Fun photos today! Valerie

  2. Great set- that first shot is very cool.

  3. Your family looks like SO much fun! I love the silly string! I also love your cat. So, so sweet!

  4. These are great Terrie! Looks like fun times all around!

  5. what fun --- nice photo of your other half! clever take on that word! Silly String --- I forgot about that!! don't know that my mom would appreciate us playing with it at her house, though?

  6. Looks fun! I love the lights in the window!


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