zentangle alphabetically

Sue Jacobs challenged us to create tiles using tangles alphabetically, once per tile.  A fun idea and thank goodness I have a master list on my computer to help me think of tangles to use.  I further challenged myself to not resort to my comfortable ones but to try something new - thus more mistakes, but that's okay, next time I'll be more comfortable with these tangles.

Top tile:  arabel, boomerang, cariv, drap   Bottom tile:  echoism, fricle, golven, huggins

After all the festive and holiday photographs I've shared lately, I found I was really missing the time spent tangling so this was really fun - I'll be working on the rest of the alphabet when I get back from my last shopping excursion (thought I was done, but one more delicious gift idea came to me, so out I go...).

Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice job Terrie! I see a couple of patterns in there that I need to use!

  2. Lovely Zen Tangles - so much to see!


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