Today's Mortal Muses prompt is "magic".  I was feeling the urge to get away from photography, which has certainly been my focus the last couple weeks, and use a different medium.  I got out my watercolors to try to depict a little holiday magic.

9x6" on watercolor paper

I used masking tape to create the "star" and filled it with some of the things I find magical about Christmas.

9x6 on watercolor paper
 You might recognize the composition here as one I tried for my handmade cards and filled with zentangles (template from lineweaving.com though this is hand drawn) - similar to these, though here I added some watercolor.  As I made these, I realized that I'm woefully out of practice and need to refresh myself on some control techniques.  And, I remembered how much I like working with watercolor and the surprise of where and how it moves!

Happy Holidays.


  1. these are pretty...soft and i love the ornaments!

  2. Lovely work, Terrie; magic indeed! Valerie

  3. Masking tape is such a good idea to use in this way. I really like your watercolours and the palette is so good.

  4. Love watercolor too. Your ornament picture is wonderful.

  5. These are great Terrie! I love the magic star--perfect choices for the words!


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