inspiration ave: festive

This one is easy - anything holiday or celebration or festive and I've been a snapping fool but I'll show restraint here and just share a couple that are my favorites without repeating ones I've used in earlier prompts.

A little texture action (from Shadowhouse) and some PSE filters enhance the texture of this poinsettia flower.

I love a good holiday party and we started the season with a fun night of friends, family and games!  Let's celebrate!!

Today I'm linking to Inspiration Avenue and also to Kat Eye View for "holiday lights".


  1. Love the poinsettia picture, very atmospheric. Your party looks good too! Valerie

  2. I love the leave! Warm colours!

  3. Each photo captures the festive holiday spirit. All very sparkly and bright!

  4. They are all full of festivity, but the poinsettia photo is a masterpiece♥


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