christmas surprise!

Mortal Muses prompt for today is "surprise".  Tomorrow is "wonder" (in case you have time to play along).  For me, I love giving the surprises on Christmas morning. Even now, with the kids all grown up, I love the anticipation more than they do to see them open my gifts.

As I looked through my photos of past Christmases (LOVE doing that!) I realized how tough it is to actually capture that genuine moment of surprise, of pleasure, of excitement.  Instead I have lots of odd expressions or talking mouths, etc. I have many more that show anticipation or impatience..... Hope you have lots of pleasant surprises this holiday season.


  1. Oh, this is such a great capture! Love his expression

  2. Well, he sure looks happily surprised! Valerie

  3. That is a fantastic picture! I have one like that of my mom from many years ago that I LOVE.

  4. Great capture of "surprise" Terrie! How fun is that. There is nothing like that Christmas morning surprise! Thanks for sharing in Many Muses Musing.


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