butterfly effect: book pages

For the first time I'm joining in yet another prompt - I recently discovered The Butterfly Effect at whisper-to-whirlwind.blogspot.com and it looks like it has some unusual prompts.  Be sure to check it out if you like having a little external inspiration.

This week's prompt is 'book pages' - I love working with book pages and since I'm still working on holiday cards, thought I'd use this chance to experiment a bit further.  The wreath design is cut from a book about quilting that I picked up at Good Will and then added a ribbon flourish.

I was pleased to find a quilt pattern with stars that almost fit in my circle punch.  Couldn't decide whether or not to add words to the front, so left it plain for now.

The next card I used music from a book of Neil Diamond songs.

These were fun to do and super easy......be sure to visit Butterfly Effect this week to see other book paper creations.


  1. Really fun idea! Love the tree. :)

  2. i LOVE cutting up books and using the pieces.
    Although it did feel a bit illegal when I first tore out a page.
    I was waiting for the book police, I think.
    What you created was great.
    And inspiring.

  3. Lovely pieces! I love working with book pages, too! Valerie

  4. Fabulous projects Terrie :D, and the thing about Butterfly effect challenge prompts is they are so relaxed...it's all about the fun of creating :D XXX

  5. What a nice idea for an christmastree. LOVE it

  6. Very creative - I love the pages - and you are brave to cut into books.....

  7. A quilt made of quilt pictures - now that is really clever!

  8. Very clever workmanship, x

  9. Anonymous3:38 PM

    those are lovely! I really like how the colors and shapes of the quilt one work together - it gives it a lot of energy


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