woyww #2

My second week of sharing my work table mess - though this time I had a little time to restore order.  If you remember, last week it was a total disaster, a dumping site.  Now, it's still mess, but ..... a controlled mess! :)

Stamps & cards out, ready to start making.....

I've cleaned it up so I can start on my Christmas cards - don't think EVERYone will get a hand made one, but I'm going to see how many I can manage.  My subconscious has been stewing and mulling for a couple weeks so I guess I better start making a decision and moving forward - maybe they could be Valentine's cards? (ha)

I'm so lucky to have an understanding, tolerant man that allows me the space to make a mess wherever I happen to be.  I've discovered my "worktable" can be just about any surface in the house - here I've taken over the ottoman where I spread out my Zentangle stuff, sketching card ideas while I watch TV.  He's relegated to the other end of the sofa, pulling pens from between the cushions!

Visit more work tables and works in progress at Stamping Ground.  You know, this is the 131st edition of WOYWW though only my second participation!  That's a long running prompt - wanna play?


  1. Even your *untidy+ table is tidy!! enjoy making your cards, whatever holiday they are for! Valerie

  2. Looks as if you're going to have fun creating over the next week! I have an understanding husband too - he puts up with my crafting, music and general whims. What would I do without him.... :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  3. There's still plenty of room on that table for more - like Christmas cards! I love the feeling I have when I step away from a project and notice the mess all over the table - I feel so creative then!

  4. Great Workspace, thanks for letting us in. I can't wait to see some of the cards you make, those that get them will be very lucky!

    Thanks for the blog visit, It was so lovely to be able to catch up with Tracey FK, I wish we lived closer too, then we could catch up too! I just snapped a few photos of my studio just how is was, tubes of paint laying around and a few papers out of place. I work in a large open area in the lounge room (because the light and view is best) and I try to keep it tidy because I can't just close a door on it when quests come! That, and I find that I'm more productive if It's tidy and there is nothing else in the area to distract me.

  5. This is a very controlled organized mess, Terrie, and I like it. I tend to sketch and create at different spots in the house when the table in my studio is too messy...

  6. Great creative mess...I mean desk! love it and your doodlings,
    (Can't always comment so will make the most while I can!)
    Thanks for my snoop!Have a great crafty week,
    Happy WoYwW
    Lyn #31

  7. I've liberated myself this year and will only be sending hand made cards to a portion of my list. Love that you clear up to start over and how fascinating a piece of art your desk topper sheet is becoming,

  8. Your table looks very organised and industrious! Full of anticipation for Christmas! Happy belated WOYWW, Shoshi #53

  9. You have lots of goodies to make things and the ideas note book is fabulous. I wish I could sit and draw ideas in front of the tv but my parrot sits with me and he would eat the book, not to mention what he would do to the pencil.


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