inspiration ave: christmas balls

As you know I've been working away experimenting with different ideas for making my holiday cards.  Each experiment will end up being sent out, so I'm really enjoying creating so many different styles and using different media to come up with my cards.  Eclectic, kinda like me.

For the prompt this week from Inspiration Avenue, I found this template of ornaments on Line Weaving so thought I'd try it out.....  Here's my first attempt....

Also, I used a collection of ornaments and a garland to fill my jar - not terribly original, I know, but it's so pretty.  Guess that's why it's such a popular decorating trick.  I love the gold and bronze together.

Happy Holidays - and be sure to stop by Inspiration Avenue.


  1. What a lovely display, Terrie! I quite agree with you, the gold and bronze together are gorgeous. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I gave one of the mirrors to a friend at her birthday party tonight and she was thrilled with it!

  2. Your drawing is excellent Terrie, gorgeous intricate pattern and the touches of colour really add the finishing touch. "Line weaving" sounds lovely!

    Gorgeous real life baubles too - very effective display!

  3. I love that even the sculptures you have on the wall are full of lines and textures and your zentangle baubles are great... you just get so much work done every week and it is always so fab... have no clue how you do it...xx

  4. How wonderful it is to receive a hand made card! Is this one addressed to me by any chance??? LOL.

  5. That card is incredible and I love you balls in a vase.

  6. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Love your zentangle Christmas balls and your shiny jarred ones too :).
    Stay inspired!


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