christmas tree

I didn't create or do anything particularly productive yesterday but I found this in my blog wanderings and thought it so unusual and clever, I had to share.  You can read more about sustainable/green ideas here.

I know this isn't art or my photography, but it IS my blog and so there you have it :)  Doesn't it make you smile?

Happy Holidays.


  1. Made my day - love it!

  2. It does make me happy... Thanks Terrie. Merry Christmas!!

  3. This is a fab idea and for avid book readers (which my husband and myself are) this is fabulous. Thank you for sharing, x

  4. Such a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing. It might even be a tree our mischievous cat Willy wouldn't eat...maybe :-)

  5. Oh, I have never seen a Christmas tree like that- so inspiring! Can't wait for the next library book sale ($2 a bag) so I build one of these!!!!

  6. Anonymous2:22 AM

    I saw this too, it's pretty cool! Especially for book lovers with lots and lots of books....Merry Christmas. xox Corrine


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