texture tuesday: easy

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a fun and safe start to 2012.  I'm so looking forward to this year's artistic endeavors and watching all of you progress and inspire.  It will be an exciting year!

Like many of you, I've set a few goals - some are fairly loose - but the general idea is to grow my artistic skills and expand my knowledge.  My plans include improving my drawing skills with regular practice (will try using prompts from Everyday Matters), improve my photographic skills, and finally play and experiment and learn with my art journal and collage/mixed media efforts.  Sounds like fun, right?!

To start the new year, Kim Klassen is easing us back into the flow with a simple prompt for Texture Tuesday - use one of her textures on a photo. Since she offers so many free ones (thanks Kim!), that's pretty easy. For this photo I added posterize edges, copied it in overlay mode at 58%, copied it again in difference mode at 37%, then added TWO of Kim's textures:  Grunge, overlay at 32% and Cosmo, multiply at 80%.

I'm off to finish packing up Christmas decorations and then pull out my sketch pad.  Because I want to practice sketching every day.  I do.  I can.  I will! :)

I'm also adding this to Sweet Shot Tuesday and Tuesday Tips and Pics (both for the first time).  I found these two sites from Kathy at You'll Shoot Your Eye Out (love her photos!)

Live, Love, Travel


  1. My zentangle buddy! You have quite a list for the year!! Art journaling is my thing!! I am still working on one I started last year, I hope to finish it this year!!!
    Love the pic!

  2. Love the scene with the grass growing. How wonderful to be able to sketch like you do. 3D drawing seems to be something that's not in me.

  3. Oh thanks for stopping by my blog...which brought me to yours. Love your choice for the week's texture tuesday...we both must like old things, especially like the grasses growing up between the bumper and the car. Hope your year is filled with great photos and terrific sketches.

  4. I love the texture in this, very cool shot! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I like that old car. With texture and all. :)

    Good luck with your practice. :)

  6. What a super cool image, love it and the edits you have applied!
    Blessings Suzanne


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